Safari Browser 5.1.7 Full Version Free Download

safari browser 5.1.7 for windows

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Full Version Free Download Apple was broadly censured when it initially propelled an exceptional carriage and flimsy form of Safari for Windows. Things have changed a ton from that point forward in any case and Safari 5 has made considerable progress with presentations, for example, another Reader symbol for less demanding perusing in one page, quicker page stack times and inconceivably enhanced HTML5 bolster for better video support and dependability.

The majority of the first highlights, for example, tabs on top for less demanding page the board and Cover Flow to flip through your bookmarked destinations iTunes style have been held as well.

Bunches of adorable Apple contacts

Safari was the primary program for Windows to present Top Sites which is a standout amongst the most attractive parts of Safari. Top Sites demonstrates an all encompassing thumbnail perspective of your most visited destinations in a single screen. You essentially tap on the window you need to visit to go straightforwardly to the site. In the event that you will in general visit similar locales every day, Top Sites is a helpful method to get to them when you open your program without getting to bookmarks. It’s likewise a decent method for following which locales you visit most every now and again and you can bolt your most loved destinations to one single position so you’ll generally know where it is the point at which you open Safari. Destinations with a star in the corner mean those with new substance so you can right away observe which ones have been refreshed.

Then Cover Flow will be well-known to all iTunes clients, giving you a chance to peruse through your bookmarks by means of full page spreads of the destinations as they looked the last time you perused them. The standard depends on flipping through collections in iTunes. In spite of the fact that this looks cool, its handiness is flawed.

Be that as it may, History Search is valuable. Simply type a word and Safari uncovers each and every page it has reserved with that word on – exceptionally helpful when you can’t recall where the hellfire you saw the name of a specific individual or amusement.

Increases, for example, Reader enables you to see the majority of your substance on one page despite the fact that there is no real way to change the textual style. There’s additionally an assortment of look choices for Safari’s hunt field so you’re not bolted into Google.

Other convenient highlights in Safari incorporate Tabs on Top which makes it somewhat less demanding to access and open your tabs at the simple best of Safari. You can even move tabs into another Safari window.

Notwithstanding these, all the standard highlights in Safari remain. By tapping on the RSS tag in the URL bar, you can get a perspective of the considerable number of posts in a channel, which you can introduce sequentially and get a nitty gritty or a title see.

Stable and easy to use

Safari has wiped out the majority of the bugs that initially made it unbalanced to use on PC and is presently an entirely steady and easy to understand program. HTML5 bolster has been enhanced significance you would now be able to see HTML5 video in full screen mode in addition to HTML5 Geolocation highlights are currently accessible to Safari clients.

Exploring in Safari has likewise been made a lot less demanding because of an increasingly prescient URL bar which really looks reserved pages for catchphrases and chronicling of precisely when you saw certain pages is progressively exact and refined. Speed has dependably been of the quintessence in Safari and Apple has ventured up the pace with an upgraded Nitro motor which it claims executes Javascript a lot quicker than past adaptations.

Not the best, but rather positively the slickest

Safari does not have the modules accessible contrasted with Firefox and Chrome yet there’s no denying that Safari brings a pinch of Apple style and class to PC.


Cover Flow allows you to view bookmarks iTunes style
Looks elegant and loads pages very fast
Top Pages allows you to see your most popular pages at a glance
Reader allows you to view lots of content on one page
Private browsing mode


Not many plugins available
No way to change the font in Reader
Installs other components during setup

Safari is compatible with:

Windows 8 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 10

safari browser 5.1.7 for windows

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Full Version Free Download

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Free Download

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